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Sparkling Water Brand Phocus Launched Peach Flavour Drink for National Peach Month

Clear&Cut Phocus – Sparkling water brand (Phocus), Louisville, Ky., launched its new Peach flavored taste along with August’s – National Peach Month. Peach will join the present roster of Phocus choices which includes Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Yuzu & Lime, Cucumber, and Natural, and will probably be available nationwide.

“As we discussed the introduction of a brand new flavor, it was necessary to us to create something that fit properly into the present Phocus portfolio, and that we knew our clients would enjoy,” stated Tom O’Grady CEO of Phocus, in a statement. “Phocus has always been about bright, light, refreshing taste, so once we thought of developing a brand new fruit taste, it felt like a natural fit to tap into our Southern roots and create Peach.”

Like the other Phocus flavor offerings, Peach comprises no sugars, sweeteners, sodium, or calories. With 75 mg of natural caffeine in every can, combined with the addition of L-Theanine, Phocus offers a smooth-release of energy to keep drinkers fueled and hydrated, the corporate says.

In conjunction with the release of the brand new Peach flavor, Phocus additionally will rollout invigorated packaging, modifying the orientation and positioning of several product descriptors on its slim cans, it adds.

Phocus is available at stores nationwide and online at